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    As Mayor of the Town of Steilacoom, Washington, I would like to welcome you to our official web site!

    We are excited about this new addition and hope that you will take advantage of our Internet services.

    This Website provides Steilacoom residents, business owners and visitors with a wide range of information about Town services, events, parks, staff, activities, and much more.

    Ron Lucas, Mayor

Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry given house in Steilacoom

The Petry family was given a house by the local community. This segment was aired on March 20, 2014 on Pierce County Television.

Also visit our Medal of Honor page.
Visit Steilacoom Parks!
New Park information has been added to the Town of Steilacoom's Park webpage, including photos, location and features.
Police using GPS to track children who bolt or wander

Technology commonly used to protect the elderly who tend to wander away is now a tool for police to track down autistic children and other missing kids