Community Development

For Building Inspections please call 253-983-2077

Permit Processes 

 Building Permit application process for Plan Check or Permit:

  • Building permit applications for single family residences or applications with plans need to be turned into our office between 8am and noon. We are not able to print large plans. 
  • Applicants for standard permits will need to submit the building permit application via email to
  • Permit Fees: After review of permit applications, applicants will be provided a permit fee amount. Fees may be paid by mail, drop box at 1030 Roe Street or over the phone with credit/debit card (a 3% convenience fee will be applied).
  • Staff will process applications as usual and create the applicable forms.
  • Approved permits or corrections will be emailed to the applicant. Approved permits with plans will need to be picked up at our office.
  • Inspections will occur at the Building Inspector’s discretion.

Planning: Land Use, Pre-Application Permit, or Sign Permit (Temporary & Permanent) application process:

  • Applications may be submitted via mail or Email. 
  • Email to:
  • Permit Fees: After review of permit applications, applicants will be provided a permit fee amount. Fees may be paid by mail, drop box at 1030 Roe Street or over the phone with credit/debit card (a 3% convenience fee will be applied).
  • All applications submitted will receive an email confirming receipt of the application and a copy of the receipt for any fees paid.

Community Development General Information: 

Community Development is responsible for building permits, historical preservation, subdivisions and land use permits, long range planning, and business licenses.

Use the South Sound Housing Affordability Partners Developer Portal to find information on zoning, incentives, funding, and contacts for developing housing throughout Pierce County.

Building Department

The building department issues all applications for new construction and remodeling. A building packet explaining the permit process, fees, setbacks and height restrictions is available at the front counter, by mail, or as a PDF.  If you have any questions concerning building permits in Steilacoom, please call or email Scott Kenyon at 253-983-2077. 


Historic Preservation

New construction and changes to the exterior of buildings within the Historic District, as well as all multi-family houses, public structures and commercial buildings, are reviewed for compliance with the Historic Preservation regulations. A map of the Historic District (PDF) and the Historic District Design Standards are available on this website. Information on the process and the Preservation and Review Board are available from Jennifer Schreck, Historic Preservation Officer.


Subdivisions & Land Use Permits

Items Processed by Planning Department

  • Conditional use permits
  • Critical areas permits
  • Environmental review
  • Lot line adjustments
  • Shoreline permits
  • Subdivisions

For information regarding subdivisions and land use permits, please contact Tanner Fuller.


  • 2022 Zoning Map
  • 2022 Land Use Map
  • Critical Area Permit Application
  • Critical Area Map
    • The approximate location and extent of critical areas are shown on the adopted critical area map. It is a reference and does not provide a final critical area designation. The exact location of a critical area’s boundary shall be determined through the performance of a field investigation by a qualified professional applying best available science. The Town, project applicants, and/or property owners and their agents may consult maps produced by federal, state, regional and county agencies to assist in determining the location of critical areas.
  • Master Land Development Application
    • This form is used for many subdivision and land use permits, including: preliminary plat, final plat, short plat, plat amendment, rezone, conditional use, comprehensive plan amendment, planned area development (PAD), lot line adjustment, variance, communications facility, wireless antennas.
  • SEPA Checklist
  • ADU Information
  • ADU Application

Long-Range Planning

The Planning Department is also responsible for long range planning and analysis, and development of policies and regulations to comply with state requirements.


Questions regarding the Comprehensive Plan, Shoreline Master Plan, and other policy documents should be directed to Tanner Fuller.

Business Licenses

All persons, corporations, partnerships, and other business entities doing business in Steilacoom are required to obtain a business license from the town.

The Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR), Business Licensing Service, issues Town business licenses through the DOR website: Steilacoom Business License Endorsement

The fee for businesses with headquarters outside town is $75.
Businesses located in town pay a fee based on the number of employees.
The fee for home-based businesses (home occupations) is $50 for the first year and $37.50 each year thereafter. 
For information on DOR business license processing fees go to: DOR Fees



Garage Sale & Real Estate Open House Sign Permit:


Special Event Process & Requirements: Application & Requirements