Electric Utility

The Town of Steilacoom purchases all its power needs as a full requirements preference customer of the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). The town’s electric system configuration consists of the following:

  • 150,000 feet (28.4 miles) of underground residential distribution (URD) cables
  • 450 transformers
  • 677 streetlights - retrofitted with LED lights which reduced energy consumption by 274,096 kWh per year
  • 2,800 secondary services (metered connections)
  • 197 underground vaults
  • 4 main primary feeder lines
  • 7 sets of feeder switch gear
  • 4 feeder reclosures
  • 1.5 miles of overhead wires and transformers


 For new qualifying renewable energy installations, the following are required:

  1. Completed and signed Net Meter Application Forms & Meter Fee: $100.00
  2. Steilacoom Building Permit Application with plans. Emergency shut-off throw handle and production meter required - New Solar System Installation Permit Fee $1,183.00
  3. Labor & Industries (L&I) Electrical Permit/Inspection
  4. Steilacoom Business License: $75.00
  5. Residences located in the Steilacoom Historical District need to be reviewed for compliance with Historic Preservation Guidelines
  6. Preservation and Review Board guidelines and procedures are available from Jennifer Schreck, Historic Preservation Officer.
Steilacoom Municipal Code 13.41 Electric Net Metering

Power Outage Preparations

Be prepared and know what to do when the lights go out.

Town of Steilacoom Electric Service Area

Electric Service Area Map

Use the link above to view a map of the area served by the Town's Electric Utility. Limited areas of Town are served by Puget Sound Energy or Tacoma Power. Contact the Public Works Department for additional information.