Water Utility

The Town of Steilacoom no longer pumps its own water supply. The Town currently purchases water as a wholesale customer of Lakewood Water District. The Town maintains its primary well (Well #4) in a standby mode in case of emergency. The water distribution system consists of the following:

  • 1 supply well (1,500 gpm capacity) - maintained in standby status
  • 9 pressure pumps
  • 3 standpipes (storage tanks) - 3.00 million gallon capacity
  • (2 - 500,000 gal. tanks at Roe Street booster station)
  • (1 ea - 2 million gal. capacity, Lakewood Water District)
  • 32.2 miles of water mains
  • 1,835 metered connections
  • 435 water main valves
  • 235 fire hydrants
  • 8 pressure reducing stations
  • 2 pressure relief stations
  • 1 pressure sustaining station

Water Tips

In the summer, 50-70% of your water bill is for outdoor use. Over-watering is the number one waste of water during the summer and the leading cause of disease and insect problems
  • Learn to recognize when plants need water. Water only when needed, until the plant's root zone is moist.
  • Check the soil 2-4 inches deep to see if your lawn needs watering.
  • Water late in the evening or early in the morning to minimize evaporation.
  • Use a watering timer on your outdoor faucet to automatically turn off your sprinkler after a set number of minutes.
  • Set your sprinkler at a slow enough delivery rate for your lawn to absorb the water and to prevent runoff.
  • Adjust sprinklers to avoid watering the street and sidewalk.
  • If you choose to install an automatic irrigation system, use drip irrigation or soaker hoses for trees, shrubs, and flower beds; use sprinklers for lawns.
  • Mulch planting beds to cover and cool soil, reduce evaporation and weed growth, and slow erosion.
  • Use a bucket and automatic shut-off nozzle when washing your car. Garden hoses can deliver over 10 gallons per minute.
  • Use a broom, not a hose, to clean sidewalks and driveways.
  • Set mower blades to 1 1/2" - 2 " and keep them sharp to cut grass cleanly and to retain moisture longer.
Please do your part and be water smart!

Drinking Water Alerts

The Washington State Department of Health Office of Drinking Water has created a new Drinking Water Alerts webpage.


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