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Posted on: March 31, 2021

Proposed Amendments for Mill Site Regulations

Notice of Public Hearing for proposed revisions to the Comprehensive Plan designation and zoning of the mill site at 4302 Chambers Creek Rd: Notice of Public Hearing for April 6, 2021 Virtual Meeting.

Staff Reports: 

The Staff Report can be viewed at the following link: Staff Report

Application and the SEPA decision and comments:

A Master Land Development Application Form has been received from Heartland LLC for a project known as Chambers Bay Village for the old paper mill site on Chambers Creek Road. The application can be viewed at the following link: Application for proposed amendment

Determination of Nonsignificance at the following link: Determination of Nonsignificance

Squaxin Response

Department of Ecology Comments

Abitibi Environmental Covenant 2010

Comprehensive Plan with proposed amendments: 

Ordinance 1639

Appendix to Ordinance 1639

Strikethrough version of proposed amendments to Comprehensive Plan

Municipal Code with proposed amendments: 

Title 18 Zoning Code amendments

Title 14 Development Code amendments

Proposed Maps:

Zoning map

Land Use map

Public Comments: 

School District Testimony

Mill Site Response to Planning Commission

PC Presentation

Commissioners email thread

Kari Albrecht email

Compact Cities Greenery article

Terry Slatten email

Chambers Creek study

Kari Albrecht email

Marilyn Martineto email

Mark Hood email

Bellar Family letter

Patricia Brown comments

CB2 Lot map

Public input

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